Rajat Kumar Gupta

I currently work as a Business Manager(AR/VR) at Immersive Search.

In my free time, I create content for the global AR/VR community on my YouTube channel (2100+ subscribers). My articles have been published in LogRocket, HackerNoon and Freecodecamp.

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I have compiled these resources for all those who want to learn AR/VR, join AR/VR communities, stay updated with AR/VR news and make a career in AR/VR. I wish I had something like this when I had started out. It would have helped me save thousands of hours of excruciating research.

I have used everyone’s favourite tool (Notion) to create this library😁

Work Experience

Business Manager (AR/VR) (Remote) – Full Time

September 2022 – September 2023

Company Website – https://immersive-search.com

Technical Author (Remote) – Freelance

July 2022 – Present

✅ Writing technical tutorials on Unity & AR/VR development for the company’s blog.

✅ Find all my published articles here.

Company Website – https://logrocket.com

Associate Product Manager (Remote) – Full Time

January 2022 – July 2022

✅ Created product documentation in the form of videos. I recorded and edited more than 20 videos in one week. This documentation helped in increasing the scalability and usability of the product. The videos can be viewed on Revidd Academy. 

✅ Collaborating with various teams to discover product defects, review design specs, address usability concerns and ensure that the development is being done as per the designs specified.

✅ Supporting customers by ensuring a smooth product onboarding experience, resolving their doubts and reporting their feedback to the company stakeholders and the engineering team.

✅ Brainstorming on new feature requests, enhancements and prioritizing Jira tickets accordingly.

Company Website – https://revidd.com/

Software Engineer (Remote) – Full Time

July 2021 – December 2021

✅ Researched, designed, and developed a working prototype in Unity that integrates with the company’s b2b SAAS product to enable viewing live streams in immersive VR environments and switch between the environments dynamically. The prototype works across Android smartphones and browsers.

✅ Collaborated with other team members to enable CI/CD pipelines in the prototype’s official repository on GitLab.

✅ Added gaze-based interactions that allow users to control play, pause, seek, and other standard video player functionalities.

✅ Worked on UI enhancements for the company’s storefront web app.

✅ Tech stack: Unity, C#, Google Cardboard, WebXR, WebGL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Docker

Company Website – https://revidd.com/

Software Engineer(AR/VR) (Remote) – Internship

September 2020 – June 2021

✅ Developed a custom native Android plugin that can be called via the company’s app (built in React Native) to show virtual objects in Augmented Reality. This is one of the key features of the app.

✅ Researching, designing, and prototyping AR use cases using Unity, ARCore, and ARKit for the company’s upcoming flagship product.

✅ Showcased various proof of concepts to the CEO that enhanced the team’s overall understanding of the product and served as the foundation upon which the actual product can be built.

✅ Participated in remote team meetings to offer my viewpoints about major decisions revolving around the future of the product as well as potential partnerships with other businesses around the world working in AR/VR.

✅ Tech stack: Unity, C#, React Native

Company Website – (stealth mode startup)

Technical Consultant (AR/VR) (Remote) – Freelance

September 2020 – June 2021

✅ Connecting AR/VR talent with global businesses.

✅ Helping the co-founders of the company understand the business requirements and shortlist talent accordingly.

✅ Establishing and exploring potential partnership opportunities with other global businesses operating in the AR/VR domain.

✅ Improved placements by 29% by creating structured AR/VR job specs and offering helpful advice to the company founders.

✅ Skills :- Writing, AR/VR

Company Website – https://immersive-search.com

Mentor (Remote) – Freelance

September 2020 – October 2020

✅ Mentored 10+ students worldwide by providing feedback on their assignments, conducting group video sessions via Skype/Zoom, and resolving doubts via Slack channels.

✅ Quality check for all produced AR/VR master class materials (videos, notion, assignments, written documentation).

✅ Implemented homework assignments in advance to content publishing deadline to gain sufficient understanding of difficulty level and identify potential issues for students.

✅ Skills :- Mentoring, AR/VR, Teaching

Company Website – https://xrbootcamp.com

Research Assistant (Remote)

March 2020 – September 2020

✅ Developed a Virtual Reality healthcare application that was tested with Oculus Go.

✅ Co-authored a research paper with 2 senior researchers and a professor(PhD) at IIIT Hyderabad.

✅ The paper was accepted in EuroVR 2020 conference.

✅ Tech Stack – Unity, C#, Oculus Go SDK, Flask, Python, Firebase, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SonarQube

✅ Skills :- AR/VR, Writing, Research, Static Code Analysis

Website – https://iiit.ac.in/

AR/VR Beta Tester (Remote)

June 2019 – August 2019

✅Developed multiple Augmented Reality experiences(Fruit Ninja clone in AR and AR Gardens POC) using the Litho SDK.

✅The experiences were featured in the company’s marketing emails.

✅ Skills:- AR/VR, Rapid Prototyping, Beta Testing 

Company Website – https://litho.cc

Software Development Intern(AR/VR) (Remote)

June 2019 – August 2019

✅Developed a stealth product prototype (in patent filing process) which solves a key problem by Indian Armed Forces while engaging in any special operations.

✅Reported directly to the CEO.

✅Developed proof of concepts to show the potential of Augmented Reality to internal clients of the company.

✅ Tech Stack :- Unity, C#, ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia

Company Website – https://swevens.co


I upload videos related to AR/VR and 3D technologies on my YouTube Channel.



It feels great to have Rajat in your team or company. He is passionate about his work, puts his whole-hearted effort into anything assigned to him and delivers great results. His knowledge and experience in AR/VR domain is truly commendable. He was able to add cool VR features to our platform. With his interest, he also learnt a few new frontend technologies and was able to deliver in no time. He also assisted me in product management activities and showed significant contribution in this area. While being serious about work, he is also fun creator in the team. He could gel up quickly with new people and sets an easy environment for them. One would always like Rajat to be part of their team. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Sampath Ravi Varma Sagi
Product Manager @Revidd

Rajat has been a driving force in powering up the Immersive Search brand right from the start. His knowledge about XR & technical skills is second to none. He is patient, professional and his attention to detail is exquisite. His role is very important to us & he is very much a part of the Immersive Search family. His written work and specialist involvement in event speaking keeps you wanting more & more and I cannot wait to see how much more he does for the XR community. He’s definitely one to watch out for - highly recommend him and it’s been an honour working with him thus far & long may it continue!

Mariam Demetriou
Operations Director & Cofounder @ImmersiveSearch

Rajat is a hardworking and curious person, he has grown a lot both as an engineer and as a person during the course in which he worked with me. I could clearly see his growth from a developer to a coveted researcher which is also reflected in one of his publications with me. His engineering skills are displayed in the work he does and the adaptability to the situation is phenomenal. His attitude towards taking new challenges and building solutions in Immersive technology space from scratch is definitely commendable. I strongly believe that Rajat will be an asset to any educational or enterprise organization. Rajat’s ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic increase in the productivity level of our research project. No matter how tense a situation, Rajat made sure everyone left with a smile. As a team member or a leader, Rajat earns my highest recommendation.

Shivang Shekhar
Product @Egen Inc | Ex - TCS Research, NVIDIA

For any inquiries please reach out to me via my social media channels